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Water damaged basement fixed in Eau Claire, WI

This customer had some major water damage in their basement. The family was upset because they spend a lot of time in their basement together. The homeowner reached out to DBS and set an appointment for a specialist to inspect their home. After inspection, it was proposed to have a WaterGuard system installed along with a new, TrippleSafe sump pump. Our crew, with Foreman, Zach Royer, installed WaterGuard around the perimeter of the basement. 

Basement Water Problem in Drummond, WI

A homeowner reached out to DBS regarding a recurring issue with water leakage. During heavy rain and storms, water would seep in to the basement and cause a big mess for the home. DBS sent in a crew to install a TripleSafe™ sump pump as well as the WaterGuard® system for the basement. This service will help keep the basement a more dry and comfortable area!

Full Basement Waterproofing System Installed in Stillwater, Minnesota

This Stillwater MN home was having problems with water coming into the basement from around the perimeter of the basement and through the walls in specific areas. The homeowner wanted to eliminate the concerns they had for the items they were storing in their basement that would sometimes get wet or need to be moved to avoid getting wet every time it would rain. They were looking for a solution that would give them back the use of the large storage area under their home and reduce the "basement smells" that were present in the home. To help ease the customer's concerns, our Specialists suggested our full interior waterproofing system. This customer understood that a full interior waterproofing system would help direct the water coming into their home directly into their sump pump rather than through the basement where it could ruin their valuables. With the customer in agreement to this solution we got to work installing the waterproof membrane on the basement walls which was sealed to the drain tile down below. This drain tile utilizes our patented technology which prevents dirt from clogging the system and allows water to be efficiently drained away from the home. 

Lake Elmo, MN interior waterproofing system

This Lake Elmo, MN homeowner reached out to DBS because they had been experiencing dampness in their basement, as well as some concern of small cracks in the foundation. Our System Design Specialist, Henrik Makitalo, made a visit to their home and discussed the best quality solution for their basement. The homeowner decided to move forward with DBS and Henrik's solution. Installation of PowerBaces and an Interior Waterproofing System were installed by Foreman, Kevin Steffey, and his crew. Once the products were installed, the customer was relieved to have a quality solution in place. 


High Radon Levels in Grand Marais, MN

Up the North Shore in Grand Marais, radon levels are commonly known to be in the danger zone. Due to the fact that radon can have serious effects on one's health, this homeowner wanted to find out the radon level in their own home. Although there is no safe level of radon, 4.0 pCi/L is the recommended level when action must be taken. This homeowner did some research and reached out to DBS, to have them make a trip out to the home for a free test. The results that came back showed the levels ranged from 11 pCi/L to 18 pCi/L, meaning a great danger for the homeowner. Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer, only second to smoking, which put the homeowner at a greater risk by having these high levels. The Specialist that came out to test the home, then explained to the homeowner what the best possible route would be to take care of the danger. The first step would be to seal all cracks in the home, but especially those in the basement, because radon comes from the ground. With all the cracks sealed, a fan moisture guard would be installed to filter out any radon gases trying to enter the home. This would then be transferred from the basement to the outside and above the home. After going through a thorough explanation and coming to a comfortable price agreement, a date was set to have a crew come out to complete the installation. Once that was complete, the levels were brought down so the homeowner no longer had to worry about the risk of exposure of radon. With radon no longer posing a threat, the homeowner was spared any additional health effects through the work of DBS.

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