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If you'd like to get your foundation problem fixed permanently, you'll first need to know exactly what's needed for your unique problem.

At DBS Residential Solutions, our team of certified in-house foundation repair experts is here to help. We have the training, experience, and warrantied products you need to solve your problem.

If you'd like to meet with one of our experts for a home inspection, consultation, and written foundation repair quote in MN or WI, contact us today! Each of our quotes comes completely free and at no obligation.

Common Foundation Issues:

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We use products that have been designed, manufactured, and distributed by Foundation Supportworks, Inc., an international network of more than 100 of the most experienced structural repair contractors in North America.

Before & After
  • Earth anchors we installed in Golden Valley, MN
    Earth anchors we installed in Golden Valley, MN
    Here is a during shot and an after shot of...

    Earth anchors we installed in Golden Valley, MN


    Here is a during shot and an after shot of a job we did in Golden Valley MN. You can see that the job may be a mess for a time, but it cleans up nicely!

  • Foundation Crack Repair in Duluth MN
    Foundation Crack Repair in Duluth MN
    If you have cracks in your foundation, its a problem...

    Foundation Crack Repair in Duluth MN


    If you have cracks in your foundation, its a problem that should be fixed. This before picture is showing a block foundation with cracks creating a stair-stepping crack. (As you can see the homeowner tried fixing it temporary with duct tape) We have a permanent solution for this! Duct tape can't quite fix EVERYTHING! The longer you wait to fix it, the bigger the job will be. This after picture is a great shot at what we do, by installing an earth anchor. Which stabilizes the wall and fixes it of cracking again. If you are experiencing any cracking issues with your basement or foundation call us today. We can set you up an appointment with one of our specialist, for a FREE written estimate to find a solution for your foundation. 

  • A shifting block basement in Duluth MN
    A shifting block basement in Duluth MN
    Here is a photo of a before and after of...

    A shifting block basement in Duluth MN


    Here is a photo of a before and after of a block basement that had shifted. We came in and installed push piers to stablize the foundation and the fix the cracked wall. Here you can see the window in the bathroom, before there is a gap, after the gap is gone.

Foundation Supportworks'™ team of in-house structural and geotechnical engineers have carefully designed, tested, and patented solutions for repairing foundation problems of all types. Each of our products is based on time-honored solutions that meet all local and international standards.

At DBS Residential Solutions, we bring that warrantied, proven quality straight to your door. Contact us today to schedule your free quote!

We Have Simple, Permanent Solutions For Your Foundation Problems!

For our contractors, a typical home foundation repair usually takes less than a week to complete. All of our systems come with a written warranty -- so that you know the problem was fixed right, and so you can have peace of mind for many years to come.

Issues like stair-step foundation cracks, buckling walls, and sagging floors in MN and WI can be devastating to your home's value and make you feel bad about the way your home looks and feels. Our foundation repair systems are designed to do more than just permanently repair your home -- they're also designed to return your structure back to its original position.

Regardless of why you're experiencing a foundation problem in your home, DBS Residential Solutions conducts a thorough inspection of your home, and we'll let you know exactly what steps need to be taken to permanently stabilize your foundation and restore value to your greatest investment.

Recent Testimonials
  • "Excellent installation! You should be proud..." Read Full Testimonial

    Dan M. of Two Harbors, MN

    Customer Testimonial

              Excellent installation! You should be proud to have Doug as an employee. He is very personable and a real craftsman.
    Dan M.
    Two Harbors, MN
  • "During February 2015, we had your crew installing tiling and support beams in our basement. We have been..." Read Full Testimonial

    Tom U. of Duluth, MN

    Customer Testimonial

              During February 2015, we had your crew installing tiling and support beams in our basement. We have been looking for an evaluation for this large project, but we do not want to miss the opportunity to let you know about our experience. To us, the size of the project was a bit overwhelming. Your sales people made more than one trip to discuss with us the options for our home. That was much appreciated. Cost and financing had to enter into our decision, and it was helpful to have sales staff who listened and responded to our concerns. Your willingness to schedule the work for a time that would be least disruptive for us was also a nice touch. The first day of the on site work, foremen Rye Efraimson and Andrew Lafontaine walked with us through the basement, explaining and clarifying the schedule for work and the scope of the project. Before work began, we had an idea which days would be idle for concrete drying time and which would be busiest. After the first day of work, Andrew Lafontaine became the active foreman. We cannot say enough nice things about this young man. He explained, he accommodated, he left notes for us concerning scheduling, he saw that the job site was cleaned at the end of each day, and he generally made this major disruption pleasant. Andrew even returned to instruct Tom how to use the wrench to tighten the beams. The crew of young men was busy every minute. There was no offensive language or loud music. They were polite and helpful. At one point, a pocket door that had been jammed off track by a grandchild, was fixed! If the crew left while we were away from home, they made sure that our garage door was closed. All four of them represented your company and themselves well.
    Tom U.
    Duluth, MN
  • "Last winter a water main broke..." Read Full Testimonial

    Mike C. of Duluth, MN

    Customer Testimonial

              Last winter a water main broke about a block from our house. Since the break was above us, thousands of gallons of water ran down the hill towards our house. I woke up to about 6-7 inches of water around my connected garage. Several inches were also in the area behind the house. I set up sump pumps to get rid of the water and got no water in the house but the ground was still very saturated. The temperature dropped from 25 above to 15 below in about 30 hours. My son heard a loud bang and the block in the basement had cracked about 18 inches below ground from the expanding pressure of the freezing water. I called several contractors to look at the problem and they all wanted to do extra work. One wanted to dig up the whole back of the house and I said I don't have any water problems, I just didn't want to have structural problems in the future. Foundation Supportworks Solutions offered a solution to reinforce the wall at a reasonable price. Using GeoLock foundation wall anchors with rebar and concrete in block cores the wall was made structurally sound. The job was done in a timely manner and the site was left extremely clean. It was hard to tell work had been done in the area. The employees of Foundation Supportworks Solutions were all friendly and professional. I would highly recommend them.
    Mike C.
    Duluth, MN

Bowing Foundation Walls

Foundation walls begin to bow and buckle inward when the force against them exceeds their ability to withstand this pressure.

Failing foundation walls will crack and leak, and if you have a finished basement, they can lead to cracks in the finished walls. Bowing walls may eventually collapse and should be addressed right away.

We repair bowing walls from the outside with our Geo-Lock Foundation Wall Anchor System.

When outside access is not possible, we recommend our PowerBrace™ I-Beam System.

Our solutions will do more than simply stop inward movement -- they can also be used to straighten the walls back to their original position.

Learn more about bowing, buckling walls.

street creep symptoms in a driveway in North Branch

Foundation Settlement

Foundation settlement occurs when the soils underneath a foundation are unable to support the weight of the structure that's resting on them.

A settling foundation will mean a great deal of damage to your home -- including cracked foundation walls, cracked drywall, doors and windows out of square, and tilting chimneys. As foundation damage goes unaddressed, it will become more difficult to repair.

Foundation Supportworks'™ line of foundation piers are a great option for repairing sinking structures of all types.

These sturdy, corrosion-resistant piers can stabilize and lift your foundation back to a stable position -- permanently!

Learn more about foundation settlement.

garage walls cracking due to street creep

Sinking Floors Over Crawl Spaces

Floors over crawl spaces begin to sink in three scenarios: When there are too few supports, when the supports begin to sink into the ground, and when the structural wood holding up your floor begins to rot and grow mold.

When crawl space structures experience settlement, the entire home above can begin to show damage. Drywall will crack, doors will stick and floors will become uneven. If the crawl space is damaged by mold, there may also be moldy, musty odors upstairs.

Rugged steel supports like Foundation Supportworks'™ SmartJack® Crawl Space Support System can quickly restore your structure. If your structure was sinking due to mold and rot, your crawl space should also be dehumidified and encapsulated to prevent further damage.

Learn more about sagging crawl spaces.

foundation wall cracks due to street creep in Hayward

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